Natural gas harms our health

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The New Yorker, May 12, 2021

“Natural” Gas Harms Our Health

Discover how, as moms, we engage in actions to protect our families from the illnesses and dangers related to the drilling, distribution, and household use of gas. This video teaches us that the fracked “natural” gas we use now is produced with a mixture of harmful chemicals, and these chemicals don’t go away as the gas moves from the fracking fields into our homes.

The Science Behind the Health Impacts of Fracked Gas

Every claim made in the video is backed by peer-reviewed scientific reports and findings. The hyperlinks in the script, below, offer instant access to these studies.

Mom: Hey, you two, no running in the house. Sammy, sounds like you are having trouble breathing. Here, you need your inhaler, and you can go play outside.

When my landlord switched my apartment to gas, I thought it was a good thing – that’s what the gas company’s ads tell us. But with my son’s asthma getting worse, I was worried and wanted to learn more. The science shows us that fracked gas with its toxic chemicals is harmful to our health.

Low birthweight babies

More asthma

Migraine headaches

Rashes, Nausea, and nosebleeds

The gas industry is spending billions of dollars telling us that gas is clean, green and a bridge to the future, the answer to all of our energy needs.

But just like the tobacco industry deceived us for decades when it told us that cigarettes were safe and healthy – good for us, even – the gas industry is deceiving us now.

So I started doing some research, and it didn’t take long to connect the dots between my son’s asthma and the gas stove in our home.

It’s time to blow the whistle and stop the deception about the fracked gas.

I started connecting with moms in other states and learned about all the sickness happening at fracking sites and along the pipeline. When I found out how fracked gas is making our children sick, I had to do something.

I talked to Grace in New York, whose children walk by a fracked gas compressor station on their way to school. And they breathe in air polluted by the toxic emissions.

And Kristy. A gas leak caused an explosion that destroyed her home in Massachusetts. Kristy and her children had to move into a trailer for months.

Once we learned the truth, we had to let everyone know how to protect our children’s health – every child’s health – now and in the future.

Moms like me are leading the way in stopping the deception about fracked gas. The truth is that clean renewable energy is the only way to protect our children’s health today and in the future.

Acting together for our children gives us hope.

Join us. We are mothers and others working together for a healthy and livable climate for our children and grandchildren.

On end-to-end basis (from exploration to combustion), natural gas is no better than oil. Natural gas (methane) leaks are more damaging to climate than CO2.