What is Electrification?

Electricity is the only fuel that can run on renwable energy. Let's start thinking about electrifying everything

Watch this inspirational 3-minute video

MacArthur Genius Award winner Saul Griffith explains why we need to electrify everything and how we can do it while saving money for everyone.

Do heat pumps work in extreme cold weathers?

Here is a MrCool video explaining how it works!

(The example in the video is a ducted, central heat pump, which works very similarly as a ductless, mini split.)

The Van de Wilden Home - Choosing Electric for a New Concord Home

For MaryWren and Philip van de Wilden, going electric with their new build was a top priority. When their boys grew up and moved out, longtime Concord residents, the van der Wildens knew it was time for a differently configured home. The answer was a custom-designed new build where part of the house could be closed off when not needed, thereby saving on bills and energy use. Click to read the case study.